The App Cookbook

Our quest to determine how to cook up a functional product prototype in 24 hours.


Over the course of 10 consecutive weekdays, we designed, documented, implemented and released 10 fully-baked apps.


Ingredient: @GrasswireNow

A realtime story hopper for @GrasswireNow.


Ingredient: Iran nuclear deal

Get both sides of a Reddit ELI5.


Ingredient: Pen pals

Send bi-weekly messages to pen pals who're speaking your language.

Blue Skies

Ingredient: Flight Anxiety

Breath deeply to the soothing sights and sounds of paper airplanes in symbolic flight.

Mystery Box

Ingredient: Mystery box

The internet, one piece at a time. Delivered daily in a box.

Hex Deck

Ingredient: Hex color games

A massively-multiplayer color collection card game.


Ingredient: Bodyweight fitness

Find your perfect workout! Airbnb for home gyms.


Ingredient: Self-publishing for kids

Show and tell for the whole family.


Ingredient: Collaborative storytelling

Tell a tale with your votes. Collaborative storytelling via democracy.


Ingredient: Food expiration dates

Find pop-up restaurants with the great chefs in your neighborhood.

Your turn!

Try using these recipes as a reference to stir up your own rapid app prototypes!

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one developer and one designer who love to cook things up. We’d also love to hear from you!